Preparing Sibelius scores for online Woodshed use

Online example

I use these settings, but others prefer different sounds (primarily piano):

Part Emphasized Part Other Parts & Solos Accompaniment
Volume 120 40-60 (adjust to suit) 60-80 (adjust to suit)
Pan 0 (Full Left)
(-100 in Sibelius 1.x)
127 (Full Right)
(+100 in Sibelius 1.x)
Original (default) setting
Sound Voice Ohs (53)
(some prefer piano)
Choir Ahs (52) Original instrument

To embed separate volume for each part (Sibelius 1.x), attach an "Expression" text to the first note in each staff. The general formula is "~C7,xxx" where xxx is the desired volume from "0" (silent) to "127") all the way up. This is the same number as shown in the table above for "Volume" Note that the quotation marks are NOT used in the score.

Another method of entering music into Sibelius is to use a MIDI Keyboard. Most PCs and Macs have a MIDI port, and it requires nothing more than an inexpensive cable to link you computer and your MIDI keyboard. Sibelius will import music directly onto the score from the MIDI input. Entering music with a mouse (note-by-note) is the third method.

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