O Crux (109)
Mark Jennings
Venantius Fortunatus (6th C)

O crux splendidior cunctis astris,
Mundo celebrix hominibus multam amabilis,
Sanctior universes,
Que sola fuisti digna portare talentum mundi.
Dulce lignum, dulces clavos, Dulcia ferrens pondera.
Salva praesentem catervam in tuis Hodie,
laudibus, congregatam
Salva presentem catervam, intuis hodie.
O Cross, more radiant than the stars,
Celebrated throughout the earth,
Beloved of the people, Holier than all things,
Which alone was found worthy
To bear the light of the world:
Blessed Tree, Blessed Nails,
Blest the weight you bore:
Save the flock which today Is gathered to praise you.