Swing Down Chariot (182).
Traditional Spiritual
arr. André J. Thomas

Swing down chariot, stop and let me ride,
Oh, rock me Lord, calm and easy,
I’ve got a home on the other side.
Well, Ezekiel went out in the middle of the field.
He saw an angel workin’ on a chariot wheel.
He wasn’t particular ‘bout the chariot wheel.
He just wanted to see how the chariot feels.
Well Ezekiel went down and he got on board.
The chariot went a-bumpin’ on down that old road.
 He wasn’t particular ‘bout the bumpin’ of the road.
He just wanted to lay down his heavy load.
And then he started workin’ on a chariot wheel.
He wasn’t so particular ‘bout rkin’ on that wheel.
He just wants to see how a chariot feels.
Then an angel saw the sinner workin’ hard there in the field
And said “Hold on, believe, Ezekiel rides that wheel.
The chariot will swing on down the old and bumpy road
The chariot’s the place to lay down your heavy load.