Tournez, Tournez!  (# 176).
(Turn Around, Turn Around!)
Z. Randall Stroope
Adapted from “Chevaux de Bois”

Turn around, turn around! “Tournez, tournez!” [turn around, turn around]
Turn around, turn around! Wooden horses! Carousel, turn in a blur unending
“Tournez cent, tournez toujours!” [turn a hundred times, turn forever!]
Turn around the oboe! Turn around the drum! “Tournez, tournez!”
Le gars en noir et la fille en rose, [the boy in black and the girl in red]
L’une à la chose et l’au trà la. [one casually standing, one striking a pose]
The night falls, church bells toll. ‘Tournez, tournez!”
Horses and carousel, Young and old go to sleep.
Aurora calls! “Retournez!” [Return!]
“Tournez, tournez!” Wooden horses! “Tournez!”