Wechsellied zum Tanz (Variations for the Dance)
Johannes Brahms
ed. William D. Hall

Come with me lovely come join me for dancing
Dancing is joyous in festival day
If you are not my sweetheart maybe youll be and if you wont be
Well, let us still dance. Without you loved one there would be no feasting
Without you my sweet what joy is in dance? Were you not my love,
Id not care for dancing. Be mine forever for life is one feast.
Let others love them and let us keep dancing
Only love wounded refuses to dance
Twist be then gaily to the wild whirling images,
Though other steal softly to the bright woods.
Let us keep turning and now let us wander,
Wandering in love as a heavenly dance.
Love ever near, came to hear words of scorning.
Revenge is sure and his vengeance comes soon.