Pater Noster (Our Father)
Giuseppe Verdi

Oh Father, God who art in heaven Forever hallowed be Thy Name
Glory and Thanks before all Thou grant Lord may Thy Kingdom come
as thou has taught us in this prayer
Thy will be done as it will be done in heaven and it shall be done on earth.
Holy Father this day give us bread and may it please Thee to forgive our sins.
Let nothing we may do displease
Thee Show us the way and by Thy mighty virtue lead us
Oh Holy Father, fount of all salvation
Be our guardian, keep us from temptation. From the infernal foe and all his evil ways.
That we may lift our prayers and grace merit and to thy kingdom one day come.
Though faith and our devotion, we pray King of Glory
who art our Lord and God shield us from pain and sorrow.
In Thee Lord may our minds ever dwell. Amen