Sony C-37A Condenser Microphone

Sony C-37A One of my prize pieces of equipment is a pair of Sony C-37A large capsule tube, condenser microphones.  I bought these from the radio station at college because they were getting hard to use, and an intermittent connector problem resulted in a nasty high-voltage shock to the station manager!  (He didn't appreciate the benefits of old tube equipment!)

Click on the links below to view facsimile images of the manual
that came with my pair of microphones. The pages are dark purple
print on yellowed paper and look very much like old blueprints.

Note on page 6 of the manual where the original name (Tokyo Tsushin
Kogyo, Ltd.) was crossed out and replaced by "SONY CORP"

Click on thumbnail image to view full size:

man01.jpg (16943 bytes)   1. Cover
man02.jpg (38677 bytes)   2. Description
man03.jpg (22205 bytes)   3. Specifications
man04.jpg (18715 bytes)   4. Microphone head drawing
man05.jpg (34840 bytes)   5. CP-2 Power Supply drawing
man06.jpg (20394 bytes)   6. Schematic Diagram
diag.gif (78264 bytes)       Enlargement
man07.jpg (54957 bytes)   7. Frequency Response

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