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I finally got off the dime and went down and took the ham license test in February, 2006. I passed the Technician written test and missed the General class test by only 2 questions even though I haven't yet studied any of the questions.

My first equipment is a Yaesu VX7-R handi-talkie. While it covers the 6M, 2M, 1.25M (222MHz) and 70CM (420MHz) bands, most of my operation so far has been on the 2M band using some of the great repeaters available here in the greater PDX area.

I am also planning on a mobile (~50W) unit, at least for 2M and 70CM bands.  And maybe a home rig, as well. I think I will build myself a dual-band J-pole antenna (aka. "copper cactus") after I decide whether to buy or build an SWR meter to tune it with.

My major reason for getting into amateur radio is for emergency communications. I have completed the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training offered by my community, and they emphasized the utility of ham communications in case of failure of the conventional communication infrastructure.

I am a volunteer with the iEARS (Intel Emergency Amateur Radio Service) group at work, and am working on certification for ARES and RACES also.

I have also joined my local ham radio club, the Oregon Tualatin Valley Amateur Radio Club, who also run one of the more popular repeaters in this region.  I also signed up with the ARRL national organization, the Adventist Amateur Radio Association, and the Northwest Adventist Amateur Radio Association.

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