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1995 Music Library by Number Haystack Archive 1995 Music by Number


Composer/Arranger Title
1 Pachelbel Magnificat in B flat
2 Haydn Laetatus Sum
3 de Rore Musica dulci sono
4 Donato, ed Victoria Meredith All Ye Who Music Love
5 Donato, arr. Russell Robinson All Ye Who Music Love
6 Monteverdi Si ch’io vorrei morire
7 Boccherini Kyrie
8 Gabrieli Kyrie from Missa Brevis
9 Schein Vater Unser in Himmelreich
10 Leisring O Filii et Filiae
11 Palestrina Kyrie from "Missa Tu Es Petrus"
12 di Lasso Surgens Jesus
13 Lotti Sanctus
14 Sweellinck Gaudete omnes
15 Gastoldi L’ Innamorata
16 Campion Come Away, Arm’d with Love’s Delights
17 Sweelinck Sing to the Lord
18 Campion The Peaceful Western Wind
19 Anderson Jamais Je n’Aimerai Grand Homme
20 Handel Sing with Pleasure from "Saul"
21 Handel Canticorum Jubilo
22 Bach Gloria Sei Dir
23 Haydn Beatus Vir
24 Haydn "Sanctus" from the Lord Nelson Mass
25 Haydn Alles hat seine Zeit
26 Haydn Kyrie Eleison from "Missa Cellensis in honorem"
27 Mozart Jubilate Deo
28 Beethoven Two Folk Songs
29 Mendelssohn Two Mendelssohn Partsongs
30 Mendelssohn Gruss (Greeting)
31 Brahms Die Schwestern (The Sisters)
32 Brahms O Schöne Nacht
33 Brahms Three Brahms Songs for Women’s Choir
34 Brahms O Süsser Mai
35 Schumann Mailied (May Song)
36 Schubert Des Tages Weihe
37 Sullivan Madrigal
38 Rheinberger Ad te levavi
39 Verdi Va, Pensiero
40 Bruckner Locus Iste
41 Page Songs of Parting
42 Dvorák Moravian Duets
43 Dohnányi Locus Iste
44 von Herzogenberg Die Nacht
45 von Herzogenberg Die Einsame (The Lonley Maiden)
46 von Herzogenberg Wie Schön, Hier zu Verträumen
47 Parry Seven Partsongs
48 Fauré Sanctus from "Messe Basse"
49 Debussy Dieu! Qu’il La Fait Bon Regarder!
50 Smetana Three Choruses for Female Voices
51 Young Songs of the Nativity
52 Young At Her Fair Hands
53 Snyder As Imperceptibly as Grief
54 Gawthrop Sing a Mighy Song
55 Orbán Ave Maria
56 McKenney Patriots of Silence
57 Orbán Agnus Dei
58 Page Two Old English Prayers (Choral Benedictions)
59 Weber Five Nursery Rhymes
60 Williams O Mistress Mine
61 Busto Ave Maria
62 Daley Os Justi
63 Ferguson A Song of Thanksgiving
64 Hunt Kyrie Eleison
65 Kosche Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion
66 Kosche A Song of Spring
67 Weisse Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding
68 Schalk Show Me Your Ways, O Lord
69 DeCormier The Lily of the Valley
70 Roth Rejoice, Rejoice!
71 Cutter Three Herrick Songs
72 Alwes Resonet in Laudibus
73 Belmont Farewell Overture
74 Clausen Let All the World in Every Corner SING!
75 Rutter A Gaelic Blessing
76 Rutter O How Amiable are Thy Dwellings
77 Lau Hosanna In The Highest!
78 Levi The Eddystone Light
79 Telfer Explosion
80 Telfer Bay Dooka
81 Telfer Stress
82 Telfer Sidewalk Game
83 Telfer Magnify
84 Telfer Rackety Brackety
85 Clausen Psalm 67
86 Delson White in the Moon the Long Road Lies
87 Leininger/Williams-Wimberly Come Today, Children, Sing
88 Öhrwall The Music of Mary
89 Annon Riu, Riu, Chiu arr. Guentner
90 Braz S’Vion
91 Cope Torches!
92 Sametz Noel!
93 Hayes Fantasy on Five Christmas Carols
94 Althouse Star of Glory
95 Althouse Whisper! Whisper! (Baby Born Today)
96 Holst In the Bleak Midwinter
97 Greive Sing Allelu
98 Johnson The Hills are Bare at Bethlehem
99 Adams Here We Come a-Caroling
100 Ferguson O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
101 Young What Shall We Bring?
102 Spedding Lute-Book Lullaby
103 McCray There Is No Rose Of Such Vertue
104 Mochnick Three Medieval Carols
105 Brown Wake Me Up, Lord
106 Manz E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come
107 Shields Misha, the Feline Queen
108 Shields Claude is an Elegant Cat
109 Shields Basil the Cat
110 Althouse A Festive Gloria
111 Daley Rise Up, My Love
112 Albrecht Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad
113 Raminsh Cantate Domino
114 Hayes Sing Out, My Soul
115 Pilkington Singe We, Dance We on the Green
116 White Daylight and Moonlight
117 Vandervelde O Viridissima Virga
118 Wolfe Joy in Jerusalem
119 Parker Sky Family
120 Delson From Far, From Eve and Morning
121 Parker Earth Woman
122 Parker Prayer
123 Grundhal Native American Spring Songs
124 Taulé Toda la Tierra
125 Cobb The Milkmaid’s Fable
126 Dalglish Quil O’ Quay
127 Sandler Galbally Farmer
128 Thomas I Hear America Singing
129 Gill Pretty Saro
130 Webb Streets of Laredo
131 Webb Turtle Dove
132 DeCormier All My Trials
133 Erb The Colorado Trail
134 Diaz Caballo Viejo (Costa Rica)
135 Dalglish Have Your Lamps Gone Out?
136 Marshall Minoi, Minoi (Samoan Folksong)
137 Vujic Dance
138 Belan Antigua (Guatemala)
139 Vujic Andeleli Oboduo
140 Noble Romance de Roman Castillo
141 Noble Las Mañanitas
142 DeCormier Mangwani Mpulele (Zulu)
143 Ekwueme Hombe (Keyna)
144 Dennard Fare Ye Well
145 Dennard Lord, I Want to be a Christian
146 Ellingboe Tandi Tanga Jesus
147 Walker Peace Like a River
148 Thomas African Noel
149 Haan I Want Jesus to Walk With Me
150 Farrow O Happy Day
151 Carter You Must Have That True Religion
152 DeCormier Ahrirang
153 Baxter Four Chinese Children’s Songs
154 Whalum Keresimesi Qdun De O
155 Brooks Betelehemu
156 Favero Te Quiero
157 Patriquin Songs of Early Canada (Set 1)
158 Gutiérrez Alma Llanera
159 Grau Canciones de Cuna
160 Uquillas Ojos Azules
161 Ellingboe Pålpåhaugen
162 Strimple Two Folksongs from Terezín
163 Mulholland Caledonian’s Air
164 Nowakowsky V’shamru
165 Leck Haida
166 Hornady Nodle Kangbyon
167 Escalada Tangueando
168 Marvin K’ang-ting Love Song
168 Deal Érase una niña
170 Herrington I’se the B’y
171 Herrington El Coquí
172 Squatrito Bright Morning Star
173 Agustinas Treputé Martela
174 Braz A La Nanita Nana
175 Sametz Irish Lullaby
176 Sametz Kas tie tadi
177 Vandervelde O Viridissima Virga Haystack Archive 1995 Music by Number

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